Psalm 143:8

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.
Psalm 143:8

Thursday, January 1, 2015

One Word 365 for 2015

For several years now, I've chosen one word to focus on for the year.  Last year, my word was ponder...and as you can tell, I didn't write a lot here at the blog.  It felt like such a big word...and not a talkative word at all.  I spent the year thinking a lot about what I was doing, where my life was going, relationships, finances, my home, my children.  I spent a lot of time holding things in my heart and praying on them.  I was given a wonderful opportunity to write devotionals for a special project and even found some new things to ponder in those assignments - and perhaps even some healing.

So, we are now at the beginning of another new year.  I'm still amazed at how quickly time goes by and it's already January first again.  So much has changed in a year, and so much has stayed the same...but I have not.  I find that I have a new sense of....something....I have this urge to clean up and clean look forward with seek God's will for all I THRIVE.

If you've read many of my blog posts in the past, you know I like to look at the definition of words.  What does it mean to thrive?  Here's the definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

1: to grow vigorously : flourish
2: to gain in wealth or possessions : prosper
3: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances —often used with on <thrives on conflict>

Flourish, prosper, progress.  It certainly feels like it's time for all those things!

 Proverbs 11:28 says: 
Those who trust in their riches will fall,
    but the righteous will thrive like a green leaf.

The righteous will thrive - grow, flourish.  Seems this word comes with many facets and I am looking forward to seeing what 2015 will hold for me.  I don't want to just just be here in my little spot of the world...I want to THRIVE

Want to choose your One Word?  Check out this website for more information and ideas....

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