Psalm 143:8

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.
Psalm 143:8

My List of One Thousand Gifts

1.  love and a smile from 17 year-old Kyle
2. entertaining talks on the way to school with Kira
3. a job I love
4. co-workers I love even more
5. knowing Nathan is coming home tomorrow!
6. friends who love and encourage me
7. an opportunity that scares me...and excites me, too
8. open doors, closing doors, doors yet to come
9. furry family members that love unconditionally
10. talking to Dad on the phone today

11. the ache in my heart that tells me that my heart still feels
12.  hard eucharisteo - missing special people
13. the noise of several kids and several instruments in the house
14. the sound of rain outside
15. the groceries newly placed in the cupboards
16. the anticipation of spending time with family tomorrow
17. texts from an out-of-town friend who is in town for the weekend, and a chance to get together with her in a couple of days!  :)

18. a beautiful Thanksgiving morning
19. remembering to run out at 6:15 this morning to put the garbage cans out before the trucks came!
20. a cup of coffee in the morning and quiet time to reflect on my blessings

21. Coffee, pecan pie, and good conversation with a good friend

22. God-given courage
23. lovely church family that gives encouragement
24. the sounds of a cello filling my living room
25. sharing an afternoon with friends
26. a carpet of leaves in the backyard...and plans to clean them up tomorrow
27. a sermon..."just sayin' it like it is"

28. a beautiful sunrise
29. sharing words from God - even though I was shaking every time, I did it!
30. sending one son back to school, and receiving one son back from Drum corps tryouts

31. giving hugs to comfort a grieving friend
32. realizing that I get to take some shorter days because I have to work on Saturday

33. A chance just to listen and share grace
34. the sound of my godson's voice saying "Bye, Kewy" that boy!

35. grateful for the anonymous generosity of friends
36. an opportunity to share and bless someone else for Christmas
37. the beauty of frost-covered trees

38.  An anonymous gift that allowed me to take my children to a movie for a fun afternoon.  With some leftover for practical uses!!
39.  Bringing in 2012 with Kyle and Kira.

40.  A message that reminds us that when we give God glory, we find joy and peace.
41. friends to start the New Year with.
42. the promise held in my "one word" for 2012 - shine
43. an answered prayer

44.  an "I love you" text from Kira
45. a movie ticket from church friends...went to see We Bought a Zoo and loved it
46. surviving my first solo outing at the movies!  :)

47. thankful for those who covered for me in Sunday school and serving communion so I could stay home and rest in bed today.
48.  grateful for the friend who listened on the phone when I needed to unload a little
49.  thankful for forgiveness for my bad attitude

50. the handsome bald eagles near the church today
51. love
52. a little gift of chocolate
53. group prayer
54. progress in cleaning out cupboards!

55. words of love that uplift
56. friends who care
57. cello concerts
58. glimpses of the future
59. the release of tears

60. snow!
61. and a two hour delay because of it - means extra time with the kids!
62. activities cancelled means an extra unexpected evening at home!  :)
63. friends who brought lunch to me at work today
64. a warm and cozy home on a cold and snowy day.

65. an exciting "secret" full of possibilities!
66. a Valentine's card in the mail from a secret pal!
67. an unexpected phone call that even though it was short, made me smile
68. quiet time alone this evening
69. lunch out with friends on a rainy day

70. a mostly full pantry :)
71. Kira and her dad going to the father/daughter dance
72. a mission trip meeting - looking forward to another trip to Lodge Grass
73. lunch with new members at the church
74. a sweet little girl sitting on my lap during music at Sunday school
75. my three-year-old Sunday schoolers and the dads who always stay to help!
76. bright, brilliant sunshine!

77. roses for my desk at work
78. getting lost, calling for help, finding the right place, but missing half of Kira's basketball game....praise in the hard
79. watching my girl play some great basketball!!  :)
80. having to say no to an opportunity, and a gracious daughter who understood

81. feeling the mojo and creating cards.
82. Kira's last basketball game - they lost, but she played well and it was exciting.
83. blessed to be able to give flowers to the sweet team mom who provided snacks after games!
84. a stressful day, but an evening of fun ahead!
85. an extra night with the kids and didn't have to cook dinner!
86. a missed call, but a voicemail that made me smile.
87. long conversations and lots of laughter
88. creating little works of art
89. a clean kitchen because we all worked together
90. shoe shopping with Kira and a fun saleswoman
91. quiet time to relax and rest and reflect

92. dinner and pretty toes with Jenny
93. the start of my Walk with Christ weekend
94. communion with new friends
95. gifts galore
96. lessons on faith
97. the shedding of tears in the safety of friendship and love
98. forgiveness
99. making s'mores
100. experiencing agape over and over and knowing deep within my soul that Jesus loves ME, that I am a beloved daughter of God.
101. a wonderful, memorable awakening
102. the gift of a book from a new beloved and very special friend
103. more hugs than I could ever count
104. gift after gift after gift - with no expectations or strings attached
105. dinner with family and friends
106. a long, hot shower
107. a new birthday
108. a chance to serve the Lord

109. realizing I paid the bills and bought groceries...and there is still money left!
110. texts from a new friend
111. messages of love and encouragement
112. God provides financially - and not just for needs, but for the occasional special treat to brighten the day, too!
113. greetings that remind me of God's love
114. the sweet smell of flowers!
115. Unwrapping forgotten treasures to decorate for spring.
116. being asked for m;y ID when ordering a bottle of wine for dinner - 44 years young!!
117. a wonderful dinner and conversation with a beautiful friend and mentor, who is truly a gift from God. 118. inspiration to write - its been a while and it felt so good to have words to share.
119. laughing with Kira while driving her to school today - she's "giving up sarcasm for Lent!" hahahaha
120. re-connecting with a friend.
121. gift of a "lucky" bamboo plant - yay!
122. flowers from my sister on a rough day.

3 gifts in the kitchen
123. a new mug that reminds me of the love of a friend, and God's grace
124. not having to cook dinner tonight - a gift from another kitchen
125. quiet moments just to stand and look out the window.

 3 gifts loud
126. lovely music from the EWU wind ensemble
127. The trombone choir - wow!!!
128. Christian music on the stereo to keep me awake driving home late at night.

129. an evening "carved out" to spend in fun and fellowship
130. hugs and snuggles with my godson, Cameron.
131. sitting next to my other godson, Matthew, at dinner
132. talking to my Dad on his birthday

3 gifts in Christ
133. peace that passes all understanding
134. His love that surrounds me daily
135. redemption

136. watching my son be blessed by his friends
137. enjoying the noise and bustle of a teenage party at my house - and the subsequent quiet afterwards! 138. a comfortable evening watching movies with Kyle.
139. playing bells at church today

 3 gifts read
140. the story of Esther in service today - I love her example
141. notes of encouragement from a friend
142. Psalm 77

143. fellowship with friends for an hour today
144. anticipation of a new Bible study - Revelation by Beth Moore
145. a pleasant evening talking and laughing with the kids
146. creating open space in my house - little spots of peace.
147. extra, unexpected time with the kids.
148. sleeping in!
149. Using an old gift certificate for a facial - an hour to relax and be pampered
150. a renewal, of sorts, with mom
151. "new" dishes brought home
152. a long talk on the phone with a friend - catching up, you, Carol!
153. a mission trip meeting
154. BIG laughter!!
155. beginning a new Bible study
156. broke the laundry sink....but now I get a new one!
157. exciting new business opportunity
158. lots of laughter today!

3 gifts found in His Word
159. God loves us to heaven and back (Psalm 103)
 160. Isaiah 41:9-10
161. Psalm 139:14

 3 gifts found in women
162. lunch with mom for the first time in months
163. memories of my sister on her birthday - God bless her wherever she is
164. friendship and laughter

165. community service done at ShareFest
166. watching my church family relax, work, talk, and play together
167. talking to my brother
168. the installation of Pastor Steve today
169. good food and fellowship
170. a shiny, clean, new utility sink
171. friendly time spent with Derek
172. a scarf and coffee mug from Jordan from Mike and Julie
173. seeing my daughter blessed with an olive wood heart necklace from the Holy Land.
174. snuggling up with pets at the end of a long day.
175. small steps made toward a bigger goal
 176. conversation about Revelation 1:1-8
177. yummy potato soup shared with the kids.
178. a visit with a special friend
179. a week with Nathan at home
180. a boy and his letterman's jacket! :)
181. beautiful Easter lily blooms and the way their fragrance fills the house
182. another successful stamping class and laughter with friends.
183. a mechanic friend who was willing to stay late and fix the brakes on my car so I'd be safe
184. new windshield wipers
185. being able to afford the work done on the car
186. going to Ultreya for the first time.
187. hugs from nieces
188. a hug and kiss from my adorable great-nephew
189. a birthday celebration with family and friends
190. reconciliation with mom
191. spring flowers blooming in glorious color in front of the house
192. a clean kitchen this morning
193. looking at Venus with Heidi and Kira
194. using gifts brought back from Jordan
195. unpredictable spring weather
196. a resolution in sight
197. rearranging the furniture and claiming my space
198. Easter clothes shopping for kyle and kira
199. the satisfaction of a job completed in a timely fashion
200. a quiet evening to relax
201. a chat with Dad on the phone, catching up
202. the neighbors patch of daffodils that made me smile
203. thankful for the clothes in my closet even if I am tired of most of them
204. friends who make me smile
205. family who loves, who shares
206. my uncle who held me tight in his arms yesterday and told me how much he loves me, reminded me of how he threw me in the air as a child and never once let me fall
207. my beautiful aunt who looked into my eyes and told me I looked so pretty
208.the pain in my heart that reminds me that I am alive
209. the fear, yes - even fear, that reminds me to look to my Rock, my Shelter, my Stronghold who is my First Love and Savior
210. friends who surround me and pray for me
211. the rain that cleanses the world

212.  the words of Jeremiah 17:7-8
213.  the voice of a loved one on the phone
214.  chocolate
215.  relief from a three days old migraine
216.  warm sweaters on a chilly day
217.  the memory of a spontaneous hug from my beloved godson a couple nights ago..."just because"
218.  the musical talent with which God has blessed all three of my children

219.  for the shining sun and the warming up days
220.  for the signs of spring - bulbs almost ready to bloom, geese flying back to the area, birds singing in the trees in the early morning
221.  my kids are all healthy
222.  ...and doing well in school
223.  tuition is due for the next quarter at the community college...and I don't know how it will be paid but I do know that this is a good opportunity for faith and trust...
224.  my other bills, however, are paid and up to date!
225.  I do have a comfortable, warm, affordable place to live my days and rest my nights
226.  I have a job that I love going to each day...
227.  ...with people I enjoy spending my work days with...
228.  ...doing ministry
229.  I have family, a boyfriend, and many friends who love and support me.
230.  my training to be a Christian Life Coach is going well and I'm excited about this new opportunity!
231.  I got to see an excellent concert at my oldest son's university last night
232.  ...and inadvertently gave an extra donation to their music program.  :)


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